Our values

At ALBI, everything we do is inspired by our philosophy based on values we consider essentials: respect, transparency and lots of heart! Inspired by the Kaizen method, our approach is based on a series of actions and a precise evaluation system. This systematic process has been adopted to help us increase our capability to identify, prevent and correct errors. This way, we are able to offer a complete and personalized customer service, but above all, flawless.

All the co-workers of the ALBI big family share these values and apply this philosophy. It allows all of them to work in their field of expertise with the same goal: the full satisfaction of our customers. This company philosophy allows us to improve ourselves and to assure our daily growth while additional in-house training is given to our team members all year long in order to live our values every day. All of our team members thus develop new professional skills while the exceptional work quality of our replacement is constantly assured but also improved.

In each ALBI le Géant retailer, you will find the same transparent and respectuous service given with a lot of heart. The dedication of our team allows us to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Whether it is to modify your vehicle, maintain it or for more substantial repairs, your car is always in perfect shape to take the road.

Based on our success, we always want to undertake new projects and develop our full market potential. We are continually seeking new and innovative ways to contribute to the economic development of the regions where we choose to establish. All these projects have a common goal: better serve you.

Come and experience the ALBI Volvo Ste-Agathe difference today!

The ALBI Volvo Ste-Agathe’s difference

When you enter ALBI Volvo Ste-Agathe, you receive a warm, courteous and friendly welcome. All those who works in this retailer on a human scale are committed to offer you a personalized service, respectful and transparent. At ALBI, our professionals are passionate and real specialists of the automotive world and the customer service. Come and see for yourself the ALBI Volvo Ste-Agathe’s difference! We will treat you as our guests and you will have the opportunity to browse our new vehicles in the showroom as well as receiving clear, honest and precise responses on any questions about all the Volvo car models. Our main goal is to offer you an exceptional customer experience on a daily basis.

With the ALBI Volvo Ste-Agathe’s team, you will get the kind of service that we like to receive. Communicate with us or come and see us to learn more on our various financing opportunities as well as our different car models. By trusting ALBI le Géant, you have the guarantee that the vehicle that you will buy will be THE perfect choice that meets your needs and fits your lifestyle.
One of our branches, ALBI Auto Credit, offers attractive promotions in addition to offer you 2nd and 3rd chance credit. Consult our Promotions page or Financing page to find all the important information on financing options available and about our promotions.

Flexible weekday business hours, personalized and regular follow-up together with a warm and courteous welcome: this is a part of what makes the ALBI Volvo Ste-Agathe’s difference! We are looking forward to see you!